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Beijing ECI International Co., Ltd. (Beijing ECI) is mainly engaged in the railway products business with its professionals.
Through more than two decades’ reform and technological innovation, Chinese railway products have already possessed independent development capability with batch production and standard service system on locomotives, passenger cars, freight wagons, metro cars and relevant components.

China has the biggest manufacture base of electric locomotives, and Chinese railway products have been exported to such areas as Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South America and North America.

Beijing ECI is able to export railway cars, including locomotives, electric locomotives, metro cars, passenger cars, freight wagons, container flatcars, refrigerator cars, tank trucks and cement tank cars. Besides whole cars, Beijing ECI also provides relevant components, castings and forgings.
Our main components include:
Bolster, Side Frame
Connecting Rod
Air Spring
Engine Body
Cylinder Head
Active Bracket

With the joint endeavor of Beijing ECI, China South Locomotive and Rolling Stock Industry (Group) Corporation, South Huiton Co., Ltd. and Russian companies, Chinese bolsters and side frames have obtained quality certification and are able to be exported not only to Russia but also other CIS countries, such as Mongolia.

Now Beijing ECI is engaged in the development of 100-ton flatcars for an American company. The AAR authentication for certain components is already in processing.

Beijing ECI assists companies buying the above-mentioned products in commercial affairs. We accept short-term or long-term deferred payments according to different situations.

Beijing ECI provides design, construction and financing for the building of new railways and the renovation of old lines. It partners with Chinese Design Academy and banks to provide clients with consultation, feasibility study and follow-up designs for railway projects such as electrified railways, light rails and metros.

Beijing ECI assists foreign companies in entering Chinese markets: It conducts Chinese market research and acts as import/export agent. It also provides foreign companies with consultation on purchasing shares of Chinese airports.
Other products of Beijing ECI include: coaches, middle-sized buses, city buses and electric equipment.

Beijing ECI International Co., Ltd.